Jonathan Jackson: From ‘General Hospital’ to ‘Everlasting’ success

By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun-Times
October 6, 2002

When you’re 20 years old, eternal youth doesn’t seem like a necessity.

“If someone gave me the option of staying this age forever, I’d say no,” says Jonathan Jackson, who stars in the love story “Tuck Everlasting”–which opens Friday in local theaters. “Just thinking about staying the same age forever and seeing everyone else grow old and die would be depressing. I’d rather die and go to heaven.”

Dressed casually in jeans, a T-shirt and a leather jacket, Jackson is walking around downtown Chicago before heading back to his suite at the Four Seasons Hotel. A newlywed, he’s missing his bride Lisa Vultaggio–whom he met when both were on “General Hospital.”

“Some people thought we were a little young to get married,” says Jackson. “But we didn’t see the need to wait. When it’s right, it’s right.”

Best known for playing Lucky Spencer on “General Hospital,” Jackson–who won several Daytime Emmy Awards for his work–says he wasn’t sure he wanted to play the role of Jesse Tuck when he first read the script.

Tuck is a young man whose family has found the fountain of youth. Instead of capitalizing on this discovery, the Tucks live in seclusion. But when Tuck falls in love with a wealthy young teenager, he shares the family secret and asks her to stay young with him.

“I always thought this was a very good movie, but it took me a little while to get what [the filmmakers] were going after,” Jackson says. “When I did, I realized it was really special and so I really went after the role. I auditioned for it three times before I got it. The movie shows more of a pure kind of romance, which I think is really exciting and makes the picture better. The characters experience an innocent kind of love, which I think a lot of people want but never get.”

Earlier in his career, Jackson won media attention not only for his talent and good looks, but for advocating abstinence until marriage. He isn’t embarrassed by his choices but doesn’t care to dwell on them in all his interviews, either.

“I have my views on how I like to live my life but I certainly don’t want to impose them on everyone else,” he says. “That would just be annoying.”
Currently, Jackson is working on screenplays with his brother, actor-musician Richard, 23.

“We were very competitive when we were younger,” says Jackson. “It was pretty bad. But eventually we started to realize we can do things together better than against each other. We became best friends and haven’t actually fought in about eight years or so. We still have arguments, but they’re more differences of opinions. It’s a cool, creative relationship.”

The two continue that relationship in their band Jono and the Rock. Jackson plays guitar and sings, while his brother beats the drums.

“We’re just now getting to a place where we’re really confident in our projects,” says Jackson. “We’re both very patient and willing to wait until the time is right, whether it’s our music or our films. It’s an exciting time.”

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  1. leticia anselmo says:

    amuuuuu jonathan jackson,é mt lindooooo!!!!
    adoro o filme vivendo na eternidade….
    te amoooo lindoooo!!!! (jesse)

  2. leticia anselmo says:

    simplismente amoooooo jonathan….amuuuu o filme vivendo na eternidade,venon,nas profundesas do mar sem fim….filmes demais…..
    te amooooo!!!! vc é um inclivel ator!!!

  3. leticia anselmo says:

    adoroooo o filmes da disney,um mais surpreendente e tocante,emocionante do q o outro…..
    vivendo na eternidade é a prova disso…
    te amuuuu jonathan jackson….

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