Trolls: Gender, Race & Xenophobia

When trolls can’t come up with a decent argument to defend their point of view, this is how they attack. ✔️ First, they attack your gender. ✔️ Second, they attack your race.
✔️ Third, they add xenophobia into the mix.

Where’s MY Pulitzer Prize?!!!

Wow. You’ve probably heard about this column by Joel Brinkley, which is just all kinds of wrong. On the surface, it seems like the author would have something of value to say. He’s a Pulitzer Prize winner and a professor at Stanford. Impressive. This column? Not so much. Where’s the research? How about the reporting? It’s good on the xenophobia, though. His rebuttal is even better (or worse, depending on how you look at it).

My Own Private India

Joel Stein writes: Unlike some of my friends in the 1980s, I liked a lot of things about the way my town changed: far better restaurants, friends dorky enough to play Dungeons & Dragons with me, restaurant owners who didn’t card us because all white people look old. But sometime after I left, the town became a maze of charmless Indian strip malls and housing developments. Whenever I go back, I feel what people in Arizona talk about: a sense of loss and anomie and disbelief that anyone can eat food that spicy.