“Blue State”

“Blue State” looks at just how far one young man will go to prove his point that the wrong candidate won the 2004 presidential elections. When John Kerry loses to George W. Bush, one of Kerry’s campaign workers makes good on his promise to move to Canada if Bush is elected president.

Going from bad to single is a good move

Is no relationship better than a bad one? Yup. The problem is, most of us don’t know we’re in a bad one until we’ve managed to break free.

Rule No. 1: E-mail soothes rejection phobia

Don’t call the man. Don’t accept a weekend date after Wednesday. Don’t ask him out on a date. We all know about those tired old Rules spelled out in that book a few years ago. But it’s 2003 and we’re wondering what today’s singles consider to be the rules for dating in the 21st century. The participants in our non-scientific survey have a few things in common. They’re all single, active daters who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Most are afraid to have their real names printed in a newspaper though, so we compiled their collective Top 5 rules for dating and asked a handful of brave and savvy singles to share their thoughts.

Let the night games begin

The club is thumping, and everybody’s having a good time: You spy a woman across a sea of beautiful people and want to meet her. Do you: a) look in her direction until she smiles at you; b) send over a friend to see if she likes you, or c) saunter over to her and scream, “Wazzup?” You’re probably going home alone if you answered (b) or (c), but both are better than what a lot of people do: stare. “Many people walk into clubs with a defensive mind-set,” says Rodney Battles, author of Night Games! A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Nightclub and Bar Scene (Brown, $19.95), which hits stores later this month.

Where the boys are

July 20, 2001

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Where the boys are

You haven’t had a date since Dubya’s dad was in the White House. The last time you went dancing, stonewashed jeans were in style. And your idea of a great evening is whining to anyone who’ll listen about the dearth of available men in Chicago. Wake up! It’s time to get back in the game. No matter how much women complain to the contrary, this city is full of eligible men.

Are you in the mood for a little romance?

You think romance and you think of New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day, right? Fuggedaboudit. They’re long gone. But summertime’s here and that’s even better. Think about it. There’s no one pressure-cooker day on which to pin all your romantic hopes and dreams, and you don’t have to stroll arm-in-arm swaddled in down-stuffed outerwear. There are plenty of ways to spend an enchanted, summer evening in the Chicago area, whether it’s dining at a top-notch restaurant, gazing at the stars from the city’s most awesome vantage point or slow dancing with your sweetheart.

Single life `isn’t an affliction’

Go ahead. Feel sorry for single people. View them as less than, as the smug marrieds do in Bridget Jones’s Diary. But guess what? There’s a growing contingent of folks out there who are single by choice, and loving it. “There’s no question that the pendulum is swinging in a different direction,” says Xavier Amador, co-author of Being Single in a Couples’ World (Fireside, $12). “Singles are happy being single. It’s a different world we live in these days.