Go Away With … Constance Zimmer

“Traveling opens your eyes to different cultures,” says “UnREAL” actress Constance Zimmer. “I have learned that there are many, many people living in countries with so much less than what we have and they sometimes seem much happier (than us).”

Go Away With … Suk Park

“I strongly believe that traveling allows you to discover new opportunities, not only professionally, but also at a more personal level,” says DramaFever co-founder Suk Park. “Previous to starting DramaFever, I worked for an American media company that allowed me to travel extensively, mainly throughout Asia. It was then that I discovered the popularity of Korean dramas throughout the entire continent. I could be in Taipei, Tokyo, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and at least one broadcaster dedicated their primetime television to a Korean drama.”

Grey is Not the New Black

I have begrudgingly joined the pro-grey movement. But rather than making me feel empowered and beautiful, my lighter hair makes me feel self conscious. My friends offer kind words (“I like your grey!” “It looks awesome!”), but they kind of have to say that. They’re my friends.

Go Away With … Mikaela Shiffrin

Skier Mikaela Shiffrin, 20, born and raised in Colorado, is already an Olympic gold medalist and the youngest slalom champion in Olympic alpine skiing history. “I travel mostly for skiing and feel so lucky to get to do that,” she says. “In Europe, I will have a couple days off from training and my mom and I will just kind of pick up and go to Salzburg or Innsbruck. It’s fun to go into the city and enjoy the scenery.”

Eat, drink and be merry

June 12, 2015

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Eat, drink and be merry

True story: When I was in college, we didn’t have access to The Internets like all you young whipper snappers today. So, instead of drooling over all the photos of food on Pinterest and Instagram, I used to look at recipe books and imagine that I could be eating that instead of the dorm food my parents had paid for.

Go Away With … Rick Braun

Musician Rick Braun says, “I speak some German, but I can be lost. A third-grader can leave me in the dust. I was the MVP of the Rod Stewart tour in 1989, though, when we got to Germany ‘cause I could communicate. I was the hero. “

Go Away With … Andrew and David Fung (of the Fung Brothers)

“We were lucky enough to grow up in a house where both parents were into cooking,” says DavidFung. “I’d definitely hop on a flight back to Seattle for some steamed salmon fish and Dungeness crab real quick.” His brother, Andrew, adds that he would love to revisit the Gum Moon Ting restaurant in Hong Kong to devour the xiao long bao dumplings.

Go Away With … Betty Ann Boeving

Betty Ann Boeving says that one of her proudest accomplishments has been founding the Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition (BAATC), which fights against human trafficking. Boeving, 39, has visited all seven continents, traveled to more than 85 countries and even climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for her cause. “Understanding the cultural dynamics that lead to this outsourcing and exploitation of so many young women is essential to reducing the number of trafficking victims worldwide,” she says.

Caroll Spinney: “I Am Big Bird”

A resident of Woodstock, Conn., Caroll Spinney also spends time on the Upper West Side of New York when he films “Sesame Street.” Since 1969, he has been the puppeteer inside the Big Bird costume. Spinney, 81, said it has been fun playing such a famous character without being recognized himself.

Go Away With … Marky Ramone

Of the first overseas trip he made with the Ramones in 1976, Marky Ramone says, “We were with Richard Hell and toured with the Clash. It was great. London was everything that I had thought it would be. It was like what we had seen on TV, postcards and the movies.”

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