Go Away With … Wendy Williams

Talk show host Wendy Williams’ idea of a vacation doesn’t include sightseeing: “We’re that family that doesn’t care about seeing ancient ruins or centuries old landmarks. All we want to do is lay down on the beach and eat $12 M&M’s from the minibar.”

Throwback Thursday

I found this photo when I was looking for something to put up for Throwback Thursday. I love this picture. I see a little girl who loved getting dressed up and having her picture taken. That’s what I remember. That even during a time of turmoil, a less than pristine backdrop was the worst part of my childhood.

Go Away With … James Durbin

Musician James Durbin remembers taking “road trips to visit with my oma and opa (grandparents). We’d load up the RV and see the country with them. It was their RV. We rode on a ferry when I was three or four years old in Kentucky. I also remember going to Kentucky to stay at my great aunt’s house for a month and that was cool.”

Go Away With … Rev Run

Back in the day, Joseph Simmons was best known to music fans as DJ Run, one of the founding members of Run-D.M.C. Now 49 and a practicing minister, Simmons is familiar to a new generation of fans as Rev Run, the television personality. He and his wife, Justine, star in their current HGTV reality series “Rev Run’s Renovation.”

Elton and Me: It’s a Little Bit Funny

I was at a record release party for Elton John (back when they were actually records, rather than CDs even) and he was taking pictures with fans. I was off to the side observing. He must’ve mistook me for a fan, ’cause he grabbed my arm and put his arm around me, smiled that smile et voila! Just as I was about to say, “Hi,” he kind of just shoved me aside so he could take a photo with the next person in line.

Go Away With … Lucas Neff

“Raising Hope” star Lucas Neff says he prefers traveling to “someplace new. I hate returning to the same place. I always feel like I’m missing out. The unknown offers far more. I’m less about vacation, more about experience. I try to avoid places where beheadings are popular though.”

Go Away With … Maria Menounos

“Greece is unbelievable, and not just because it’s the motherland,” laughs Maria Menounos. “The food there is amazing. I was eating so much homemade food that had fresh ingredients in it.”

Press Passes

I have a slew of press passes from concerts and red carpet events. The event that I was thrilled to cover was the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. John Kennedy Jr. was there and, as could be expected, he was very charismatic and charming. But the celebrity I was most excited to see was…Chris Rock! He and his date were alone behind a roped off area.

Go Away With … Misty Copeland

Ballerina Misty Copeland has the distinction of being one of the few African-American soloists in the world of ballet. In her newly released memoir “Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina” (Touchstone Hardcover, $24.99), Copeland chronicles her tumultuous childhood, a late start in dance (she was 13) and joining the American Ballet Theatre’s corps de ballet as a teenager.

If you want something for nothing..

March 5, 2014

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If you want something for nothing..

Who doesn’t like a nice freebie every now and again? ;-) It’s easy to win! Good luck!

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