Fore! Now to the instructional video.

May 17, 2006

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Fore! Now to the instructional video.

If it seems odd for a reality series to air on a golf channel, consider that since its January 1995 launch, the Golf Channel has provided round-the-clock coverage of all things golf. But there are only so many tournaments they can repeat, and even the most ardent fans tire of interviews with Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods.      

Caribbean Destinations

“Celebrities migrate toward the Caribbean because it’s one of the few places they can go where they’re left alone,” says Keija Minor, editor in chief of Travel Savvy magazine. “It’s the perfect place for them to get some relaxation, quiet time and seclusion.” What’s not to love? The fruit and fish are always fresh, and the weather usually cooperates. Besides the laid-back tranquility of the islands, celebs also enjoy a bit of welcome anonymity from fans and paparazzi when they’re tucked away in their own pockets of paradise.