Go Away With … Paxton Ingram

Born in Louisiana and raised in Florida, Paxton Ingram won over viewers with his magnetic personality and gorgeous vocals during his stint on “The Voice.” He says everyone expected him to pick Pharrell to be his on-air coach. Instead, he selected country superstar Blake Shelton. Ingram, 21, recently released the single “Bad Luck.” He will be performing a showcase at this year’s SXSW.

Go Away With … Gabriel Iglesias

“Four out of seven days a week, I’m on planes or my tour bus,” says comedian Gabriel Iglesias. “I’ve been to all 50 states and over 30 countries around the world, but my favorite place is my own bed.”

Go Away With … Bobby Lee

Born in San Diego, Calif., actor Bobby Lee’s career started after he dropped out of college. He got a job doing whatever needed to be done at the Comedy Store, before he worked up the nerve to try his hand at doing stand-up. Many television viewers remember Lee from his days on Fox’s MADtv.” He may currently be seen in the Blu-ray release of “The Dictator,” which is being promoted as ‘“banned and unrated,’ the version you couldn’t see in theaters.” Lee also is one of the co-stars of the NBC series “Animal Practice.” To stay in touch with the comedian, you may follow him on Twitter @bobbyleelive.

Go Away With … Zander Eckhouse

Funny and quick on his feet, Zander — who is the son of “Beverly Hills, 90210” star James Eckhouse — reveals that sometimes a case of beer and some raw meat is all you really need to pack for a nice weekend trip.

Go Away With … Harry J. Lennix

Besides co-starring in Joss Whedon’s critically acclaimed series “Dollhouse,” Harry Lennix has a thriving career in films (“State of Play,” “Ray” and “The Matrix” sequels). Newly married and living in Los Angeles, Lennix, 44, is an avid traveler for work and play. Though he has been to Europe, Australia and South Africa, Lennix has fond memories of Eureka Springs, Ark., where he shot the 2004 Billy Bob Thornton movie “Chrystal.”

As for one of his favorite new hangouts? The Wild Turkey in Junction, Texas. Be sure to ask for Rosie or Cesar.

“Friday Night Lights” — Season 1

The first season of Friday Night Lights accomplishes something that few television dramas are able to do: It betters the 2004 film (starring Billy Bob Thornton) on which the series is based. Set in Dillon, Texas, where football–even on the high school level–is everything, Friday Night Lights is a compelling drama with a football subplot. Poignantly and effectively touching on racism, rape, steroids, jealousy, infidelity, and life-changing injuries, the series presents the inhabitants of Dillon as real people who are flawed, but remarkable in their ordinariness.

Sexton trades country for rock

“I was your typical bossy older brother,” Charlie Sexton said, laughing. “But Will really loved music. Soon after learning bass, he switched over to play lead guitar, too. I tell him a little bit of what I learned, but he’s my younger brother and I don’t want to give him a hard time. So I usually wait until he asks for my advice before I go butting into his life.”

Tour unleashes a second Sexton

“I think I was very lucky because I knew what I wanted to do at a very young age,” Will Sexton said. “My mother was very encouraging about everything we chose to do. So when Charlie and I were 10 and 8, we’d be dragging our guitars to clubs with our mom. Some people thought that was kind of funny but we were dead serious about our music. Hard work pays off. So when people say, `You’re awfully young to have a record deal,’ I think, ‘Yeah, but I’ve been playing more than half my life.'”