Matthew Fox: TV drama’s eldest brother battles cancer

There isn’t much that hasn’t happened to the orphaned siblings on “Party of Five.” Death, infidelity, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, mental illness and alcoholism all have been dealt with responsibly on the Fox drama. On tonight’s episode, from 8 to 9 on Channel 32, the family faces another blow when eldest brother Charlie Salinger reveals that he has Hodgkin’s disease.

A sober ‘Party of Five’: Fox series examines alcoholism

There is a moment in tonight’s episode of “Party of Five” when Bailey Salinger (Scott Wolf) stares vacantly at his brother and sisters as they confront him about a drinking problem he doesn’t believe he has. Sallow and dazed, he looks like a hollow shell of the ruddy teen who took it upon himself to keep the orphaned family together three seasons ago.

Melissa Etheridge goes 2nd stage for fans

At most rock concerts at the Rosemont Horizon, the poor suckers stuck in the back rows have to make do with catching glimpses of the performers on the huge video monitors. Not at Melissa Etheridge’s show Saturday night. An hour after her 8:20 start, the singer briefly disappeared, only to reappear on a makeshift stage at the back of the stadium, where she played for the next 50 minutes.