“Kyle XY” — 3rd and final season

Originally airing on ABC Family in 2009, the third season of “Kyle XY” begins with promise. Kyle (Matt Dallas) effortlessly goes into heroic mode when he has to rescue his girlfriend Amanda (Kristen Prout) from a covert organization. When he himself is endangered, he relies on his fellow lab-created “sister” Jessi XX (Jaimie Alexander) to come to his aid.

“Kyle XY” — Season 2

The second season of “Kyle XY” begins with an episode called “The Prophet” and ends with Kyle’s high school prom. Clearly, the sci-fi drama shares as much an affinity with “The X-Files” as it does “Gossip Girl.” Last season, Kyle (Matt Dallas) learned how to fit in with human beings.

“Kyle XY” — Season 1

Equal parts “Roswell” and “The O.C.,” “Kyle XY” starts off as a sci-fi mystery, veers off into a teenage soap opera and ends its 10-episode first season with a compelling cliffhanger. The series, which debuted in 2006 on the ABC Family channel, begins with a teenager wandering in the woods just outside of Seattle. When the authorities find him, he is naked, unable to communicate, and devoid of a belly button.