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“You’ll laugh because it’s an older game on an older platform, but one of my favorite games is F-Zero X for Nintendo 64. I am the reigning household champ at that game.” –Grammy award winning singer-songwriter Richard Marx

My quest for the `Millionaire' hot seat

July 23, 2000

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My quest for the `Millionaire’ hot seat

It’s time to finalize phone-a-friend lifelines. We get to name up to five people, and may use one if we get to the hot seat and are stuck on a question. On the day I qualified, I’d asked Phil Blanchard, the Sun-Times telegraph editor on whom I plan to lean for geography, current events and general arcane knowledge. My others will be Darel Jevens and Jae-Ha Kim from the Sun-Times features staff, John Lavalie, a librarian friend in Des Plaines, and George Vass, an author and retired sportswriter and copy editor who is my backup on classical music, literature and history.