Go Away With … Chris Fowler

For ESPN sportscaster Chris Fowler and his wife, Jennifer Dempster, travel is a way of life. “We never get sick of it,” says Fowler, 51. “Travel really is our vice, moreso than any possessions. We will spend money to enjoy a nice trip and see a place we haven’t visited before.” Fowler, whose duties include hosting “College GameDay” and ESPN’s tennis coverage, also is Brent Musburger’s play-by-play replacement for ABC’s “Saturday Night Football.”

‘X’ marks the spot for IMAX sports thrills: “ESPN’s Ultimate X”

There are many dangerous sports. Athletes have been paralyzed in gymnastics and football. And the dangers of boxing don’t need to be explained. But there’s nothing like the litany of thrilling events at an X Games competition to make you wonder, “Why would anyone do that?”