Go Away With … Loni Love

“There were people who had been there for 30 years and I asked myself, ‘Is this something that makes me happy?’” says Loni Love. “I wanted to be laid off and save someone else’s job. I had been doing stand-up all along, and now I was free to do it full time. Being good to yourself and not getting too caught up in life goes along with traveling and taking vacations in my view. You need a good balance to keep you happy.”

Cho ‘Notorious’ for unstereotypical laughs

Over the past few years, Margaret Cho has grown comfortable with herself–a funny, whip-smart comic who doesn’t fit any of the glorified stereotypes of what an Asian American woman should be. She doesn’t play the violin. She doesn’t figure skate. She’s not good at math. She never wanted to be an anchorwoman. And if she knows how to make sushi or give a good back rub, she’s not telling.