Bill Kurtis — Adult education

On a recent episode of the hit TV series “Martial Law,” hero Sammo Law inspected a packet of jewels and said, “There are rumors about this – a new type of high-quality synthetic diamond that can only be made at high pressure, under very cold temperatures.” Impressed, his colleague asked if he had acquired this knowledge in China. “No,” Sammo said. “On the Discovery Channel.”

Still the 1: Doug Banks Stays in Tune With Listeners

Doug Banks is a big man in radio. Literally. At 6-foot-3, the disc jockey on WGCI-FM (107.5) is Chicago’s No. 1 afternoon radio personality. You know who we’re talking about – the friendly, funny guy with the rat-a-rat-tat machine-gun laugh who keeps you company from 2 to 6 p.m. on weekdays.