Split ends: Celebrity prenuptial agreements

Divorce attorney to the stars Raoul Felder once said a celebrity who doesn’t draw up a prenuptial agreement needs a psychiatrist, not a lawyer. After all, if your net worth was $32 million, would you marry a guy whose car was repossessed? OK, but say you’re Britney Spears and you really, really want to marry backup dancer Kevin Federline and think this love will last 4-ever!

Heavy rests the head gear

Never mind how good Ben Affleck looks poured into his Daredevil costume. Let’s talk about the headgear. Why does such a fierce fighter have such teeny-tiny horns? Size must count for something, especially in the land of superheros. With that in mind, we’ve decided to dissect the functionality (and fashionability) of our top superheroes’ masks.

Matt Damon: ‘Bourne’ to run

Matt Damon has portrayed All American boys (“Good Will Hunting,” “All the Pretty Horses”), gaunt junkie soldiers (“Courage Under Fire”) and creepy thin killers (“The Talented Mr. Ripley”). But unlike his good friend Ben Affleck, who showed off his action hero prowess in “Armageddon,” “Pearl Harbor” and “The Sum of all Fears,” Damon has been slow to capitalize on his hunk factor.

Director Kevin Smith strikes back

These are fighting times for Kevin Smith, the director and star of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” First the gay and lesbian anti-defamation organization GLAAD had a bone to pick with him. Then Tim Burton got into the act.