Happy anniversary


By Jae-Ha Kim
November 16, 2013

Earlier this year, my husband said we should go somewhere nice this November. I asked why? He just stared at me.

Oh, yeah. It’s our 10-year wedding anniversary.

I kind of hemmed and hawed. We had taken a nice week-long vacation to the Riviera Maya at the beginning of the year. We didn’t need to go away again. We could save money by staying home.

But, on the other hand, why not go somewhere?

Although we like to visit new places every year, we opted for Mexico again, because we love Mexico and it’s an easy trip for a young child and, yes, we wanted to include our son in this celebration. Some of my friends thought that sounded unromantic. For me, nothing can match the love I feel for my husband as when I watch him nurturing our little guy.

Anniverary by Jae-Ha Kim tweet

I thought I would step it up a notch by getting a nice gift for Denton to celebrate our decade of marriage. I know there are some folks who can rattle off which gift you’re supposed to give your spouse at each anniversary. I’m not one of them.

So, I Googled around and came across Hallmark‘s site. And this is what they suggested for the 10-year anniversary:  tin or aluminum. Like an old-fashioned metal lunch box. Yeah. No.

But, their splurge suggestion was a “vacation in Mexico. Buy colorful tinware as souvenirs.”

No on the tinware. But, yes, to Mexico.

Who knew that we were doing it up right? 😉

Family feet by Denton Morris

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  1. Dawn Davis says:

  2. Bob Davis says:

  3. lostintrafficlights says:

    you’re so pretty!

  4. Jane Y. says:

    happy anniversary! have a great time. i love that picture of you. beautiful!

  5. Dawn Davis says:

    Happy Anniversary to you and Denton!!! It seems like just yesterday Bob photographed your wedding!

  6. Bob Davis says:

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