“Wings” — Season Five

By Jae-Ha Kim
Novenber 6, 2007

Despite some outdated clothes and hairdos, Wings has a timeless quality that makes repeat viewings of the sitcom worthwhile.

A comedy with heart, the show–which originally aired during the 1993-1994 season–is filled with humor, great acting, and a cast that shares genuine chemistry. At its core, Wings is about the relationship between the Hackett brothers.

Joe (Timothy Daly) is the more serious and responsible of the two. So it’s surprising when he ends up dating an immature 19 year old.

And his younger brother Brian (Steven Weber) has always been the carefree one, so when he forges into a monogamous relationship with sexy helicopter pilot Alex (Farrah Forke), it’s a refreshing and unexpected change of pace.

The brothers aren’t the only ones working on their relationships. Lowell (Thomas Haden Church) marries and divorces the clueless Bunny (Laura Innes, ER) on the same day. And Helen forges into a romance with a handsome millionaire who she believes just may be the one. (Never mind that we all know she belongs with Joe).

The problem that occurs with shows such as this is normally when the writers dangle the promise of a romance between the main characters, the audience isn’t ready. Wings takes its time, so the Joe-Helen dalliance hasn’t outgrown its welcome yet.

The supporting cast is superb, particularly Tony Shalhoub, who shines as the often put-upon cab driver Antonio Scarpacci. Shalhoub can say more with just one look than most actors can with multiple lines.

And busybody Roy (David Schramm) turns out to be quite the puppet master when he spreads rumors about all the employees who work at the Sandpiper Airplane Terminal, touching on their insecurities and flaws.

The season finale ends with heartache for one of the main characters… and the promise of a new season with much more dramedy.


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