“Wings” — Season 4

By Jae-Ha Kim
May 15, 2007

A light-hearted comedy revolving around a pair of bickering brothers who run a small airline in Nantucket, Wings kicks off its fourth season with a crash. Literally.

But unlike Lost where the passengers are never sure if they’ll ever be rescued, it’s inevitable that the Nantucket bunch is saved.

This four-disc set includes all 22 episodes from this season and introduces Alex Lambert (Farrah Forke) as the sexy helicopter pilot being wooed by both Joe (Timothy Daly) and Brian Hackett (Steven Weber).

This is kind of a bummer for fans who are hankering for Joe and his on-again off-again crush Helen (Crystal Bernard) to finally commit to one another.

Some of the best episodes revolve around the periphery players: Tony Shalhoub (Monk) shines as lovable immigrant cab driver Antonio Scarpacci, who has the dubious honor of being included in a girls’ night out excursion. He also displays hysterical paranoia when he is called as a witness in a robbery.

And when Brian accidentally sinks Lowell’s (Thomas Haden Church, Sideways) houseboat, the Hacketts take the dim-witted mechanic in and are delighted to benefit from his housekeeping skills and his gourmet meals, which are better than their mom’s home cooking.

But they also learn that he can be as annoying as their mother as well. And Lowell’s ex-wife Bunny (Laura Innes, ER) is back to torture her former husband. Most people would never want to hang out with their colleagues 24/7, but with the cast of oddball (but loving) characters on Wings, you can see why gravitate towards one another.


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