“Silver Spoons”

By Jae-Ha Kim
June 6, 2007

Back in 1982, it was perfectly fine to refer to the 12-year-old star of Silver Spoons as Ricky Schroder. It wouldn’t be until his young adult years, when he went on to star in such projects as Lonesome Dove, 24, and NYPD Blue that Schroder would try to distance himself from the sitcom that made him a household name and replace Ricky with Rick.

But no matter how many plum roles Schroder gets, we will always have fond memories of Ricky–or the Rickster, as he was sometimes called on the show. The first season opens with millionaire man-child Edward Stratton III (Joel Higgins) learning that he is the father of a tween boy.

Straight out of military school, little Ricky moves in with his dad and the two fill needs in each other’s lives that they didn’t realize needed filling. Schroder already had proven his dramatic acting chops in the 1979 theatrical release The Champ, for which he won a Golden Globe.

With Silver Spoons–especially during the first couple seasons–he didn’t have to do much else than look adorable (And look adorable he does).

Playing the wise child to Higgins’ somewhat immature (and emotionally stunted) dad, he’s a natural whether helping his father land a date, dealing with a school bully, or making sure his father and grandfather come to terms with their complicated relationship. This three-disc box set includes all 22 episodes, which aired on NBC from 1982-1983.

The guest list from the first season is impressive. Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) has a recurring role as his friend/foe Derek. And Sharon Stone, Mr. T and Joey–sorry, Joseph–Lawrence all make appearances.

Silver Spoons won’t go down as a serious contribution to the world of television. But like cotton candy, it’s a welcome treat that’s fun to indulge in on occasion.


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