“Reba” — Season 4

By Jae-Ha Kim
November 14, 2006

A funny, slapstick sitcom, Reba: The Complete Fourth Season tells the heartwarming story of Reba Hart (played by country superstar Reba McEntire) and her barely functional dysfunctional family. Much of the humor is based on the relationship between Reba, her ex-husband Brock, and his young wife Barbra Jean.

The end of season three left Brock confused and wondering whether he might still be in love with Reba.

Much of the comedy’s fourth year is spent examining Brock’s relationship with both his current and ex wives. As played by Christopher Rich, Brock is a well-meaning lunk who’d be difficult to be married to, but is amusing to have around. Often clueless about the differences between the sexes, Brock has a good heart and sincerely loves his family, especially his put-upon ex.

As an actress, McEntire doesn’t take herself too seriously and has surprisingly good comic timing. Whether she’s onscreen with scene-stealing guest stars such as Dolly Parton and Wendy Malick, she more than holds her own.

Some of the storylines, especially the ones involving Reba and Brock’s daughter and football player son-in-law, drag on for too long.

But in general, the writing is taut, the acting is solid, and the episodes leave viewers feeling good, even when the characters are mired in marriage counseling sessions.


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