“Kyle XY” — 3rd and final season

By Jae-Ha Kim
December 22, 2009

Originally airing on ABC Family in 2009, the third season of Kyle XY begins with promise. Kyle (Matt Dallas) effortlessly goes into heroic mode when he has to rescue his girlfriend Amanda (Kristen Prout) from a covert organization. When he himself is endangered, he relies on his fellow lab-created “sister” Jessi XX (Jaimie Alexander) to come to his aid.

But at a certain point, the series hits an ick factor when it hints that Kyle and Jessi may have feelings for each other.

Never mind that they’re not necessarily human. It still just feels wrong.

Part sci-fi, but mostly a teen soap opera (think Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills, 90210, the remake), Kyle XY lacks some of the luster of its debut season. The characters are more clichéd this time around and are given rote lines that don’t always ring true.

To be fair, there is a lot going on here that would’ve been better served spread out over twice the number of episodes.

But like many shows that are canceled without much warning, this final season of Kyle XY is a bit anemic. It’s only 10 episodes long, and the abrupt ending leaves fans feeling a bit cheated about what happened and why (or, in some cases, why not).

Though watching Kyle (and Jessi) thrive in their adoptive home is sweet, it doesn’t drive the show. The best plot device features the duo scheming to stop the over-the-top experiments that basically produced them–and could produce duplicates of them.

The series finale is unsatisfying. But the three-disc DVD set’s saving grace is a bonus feature called “Kyle XY: Future Revealed.” Just about 12 minutes long, the featurette does an admirable job of fleshing out the bellybuttonless hero’s back story, as well as giving insight into what the future holds for the pragmatic teen. 

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  1. Miranda says:

    I really wish they would have kept going with the seasons because me and my boyfriend love all the episodes and we were hoping for way more at the end. and now we will never know the end and that kills me. because kyle xy is the best show i have ever watched if anyone would ask me if there would he something i would change about the show and i would say no its perfect the way it is.

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