“Why Did I Get Married?”

Why Did I Get Married

By Jae-Ha Kim
Theatrical release: October 12, 2007

With his film adaptation of his play of the same name, Tyler Perry asks the question, “Why did I get married?”

The answer is different for each of the four couples featured in this relationship comedy, which includes Janet Jackson as a psychologist whose own marriage is on shaky ground. Not known for subtlety, Perry hammers in the point that no marriage is perfect–just as no one is completely blameless.

Even when he presents a thoughtless husband who cheats on his wife with her hot best friend, he doesn’t present the wife as a helpless martyr. As portrayed by singer Jill Scott, Sheila is an overweight woman who is cowed by her bully of a husband. But the happily ever after that awaits her is almost worth all the verbal abuse she has taken from her philandering spouse.

Scott is wonderful in her role and showcases a depth of real emotions. She also brings great humor to her role (After knocking someone out, she asks a police officer, “Did I kill him?… I should’ve killed him.”) Delivered by anyone else, the line would’ve been callous, but Scott is believable.

Jackson, who looks lovely on screen, has a smaller role and does what she can as a wife who is having a difficult time coming to terms with the death of her young son.

As for Perry, who plays the cuckolded husband of a high-powered attorney, he tones down his act to succinctly convey hurt, anger, and resentment. Though he’s best known for his broad, physical comedies, he shows a deft hand at tackling answers to a very complicated question–even if the answer may be a work in progress.


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