“State Property 2”: Watching this sequel is like doing time

State Property 2_

By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun-Times
April 14, 2005

1 stars

“State Property 2” offers the last performance by Ol’ Dirty Bastard before his unfortunate death last year. As a nose-picking hamburger flipper, ODB sets the low standard for this sequel to 2002’s “State Property.”

Like a greasy burger, this shoot-’em-up is kinda gross — and leaves you wishing you hadn’t “gone there.”

The film picks up where the first film left off, with Beans (rapper Beanie Sigel) serving hard time in a penitentiary for attempted murder. He’s running his drug enterprise from jail, relying on his incompetent colleagues to take care of business on the outside.

When one of his childhood pals comes to visit, the two speak in jailhouse code. “Good” means “messed up.”

“Had a party” translates into “took a loss.” You’d think the guard would catch on as the pair talk on and on about “surprise parties” but, like the movie, he’s just too dumb to figure it out.

Subtle isn’t a word you’d use to describe “State Property 2.” From its choice of language (the f-word being particularly popular) to the actors’ deliveries to the violence-for-the-sake-of-violence mode of directing, this film is over the top — and not in a good way. After the sixth massacre, the viewer becomes hardened to what’s happening on screen.

Multitasking Damon Dash, who co-wrote and directed this film, has a co-starring role as Beans’ nemesis, Dame. Sigel — who showed so much talent with his best-selling album “The B. Coming” — as Beans has the thankless role of a drug lord who believes everything can be solved with a quick whack to the head or a couple of bullets through the heart. (Ironically, Sigel in real life is serving time on a federal gun charge.)

And then there’s Mariah Carey. In a brief cameo as a pushy girlfriend, the songbird is better than she was in “Glitter” — but that’s not saying much. (There also are cameos by Chicago native Kanye West, Angie Martinez and Roselyn Sanchez.)

The one true moment that stands out is the reaction of Beans’ wife when he calls from jail. Collect. Tired of his antics and worried about how she and their daughter will fend for themselves, she berates him for getting caught and leaving them.

“State Property 2” is not a good movie, by any means. It’s not clever enough to make up for a weak story line, and the performers aren’t seasoned enough to carry a one-trick movie.

“You either get down, or lay down,” Beans warns his enemies.

Or, in the case of filmgoers, you go see another movie.


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