“Chairman of the Board”: Carrot Top movie rates near bottom

Chairman of the Board

By Jae-Ha Kim
Chicago Sun-Times
March 14, 1998

1 stars

“Chairman of the Board” is the latest lame film by an unfunny comic. This one stars Carrot Top – so named because of his mane of unruly red hair. For 95 very long minutes, Carrot Top and a cast of embarrassed-looking actors run around like maniacal idiots.

The premise: An eccentric young inventor named Edison (get it?) befriends the eccentric old chairman of McMillan Industries, whose motto is, “where idea is king.”

When Armand McMillan dies – which he must to keep the plot moving – he leaves his business not to his greedy nephew, but to sweet Edison. A power struggle ensues, but we all know who’s going to win.

As Edison, Carrot Top doesn’t stretch from his prop-heavy stage act. He mugs, pouts and speaks loudly. Luckily for the Top, Jack Plotnick’s annoying portrayal of Zak, Edison’s stereotypically stupid surfer dude roomie, saves him from being the movie’s worst actor.

The movie relies on hackneyed humor rather than good writing and acting. There are few good one-liners, so instead they serve up flatulence, bird poop, vomit and the old tennis-ball-to-the-groin trick.

“Chairman of the Board”? I don’t think so.

“Chairman of the Bored” is more like it.


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