“All Roads Lead Home”

All Roads Lead Home

By Jae-Ha Kim
Theatrical release: January 27, 2008

A sweet story full of both loss and love, All Roads Lead Home centers on Belle (Vivien Cardone), a grief-stricken young girl whose mother has died.

Her father Cody (Jason London) is unsure of how to parent his 12-year-old daughter alone, so he sends Belle to help her maternal grandpa Hock (Peter Coyote) on his horse ranch. Gruff and to the point, Hock is not sure what to make of Belle, who is as headstrong as she is fragile and reminiscent of his late daughter.

Cody, Belle and Hock all care about animals, but they don’t necessarily agree on what’s best for them. Belle has a very black and white attitude about what’s right and wrong. “You don’t kill things because they’re broken,” she reasons. “You give things a chance.”

As she grows to understand that preserving life at all costs isn’t necessarily what’s best for animals, she allows herself–and her family–some grace and forgiveness.

All Roads Lead Home does not fall in the same category as a classic like Old Yeller. But it does tell a heartwarming tale that features some super cute animals, including an adorable, scene-stealing puppy. At times a tad too earnest, the movie (which is inspired by a true story) makes for pleasant viewing that could open up some nice dialogue between parents and children about how compassion comes in many different forms.


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