Korean festival a cultural celebration

Kimchee, anyone? For those hankering for some authentic Korean food in a casual environment, the eighth annual Korean Street Festival is the perfect place to get a taste of Korea. The organizers hope to better last year’s turnout of 30,000 attendees, especially since 2003 marks the centennial of the first Korean immigrants in the United States.

Chicago’s Top Bachelors

For every woman who has complained that all the best men are married, gay or dead, we did a little legwork and came up with a few guys who aren’t. Granted, a couple of our accomplished hotties have girlfriends, but isn’t it nice to know guys like this exist? We’re presenting just a portion of what’s out there; it’s up to you to find your own bachelor. How hard can it be? After all, there are 1.3 million single men in Chicago, and they may just be looking for you.

Going from bad to single is a good move

Is no relationship better than a bad one? Yup. The problem is, most of us don’t know we’re in a bad one until we’ve managed to break free.

Rule No. 1: E-mail soothes rejection phobia

Don’t call the man. Don’t accept a weekend date after Wednesday. Don’t ask him out on a date. We all know about those tired old Rules spelled out in that book a few years ago. But it’s 2003 and we’re wondering what today’s singles consider to be the rules for dating in the 21st century. The participants in our non-scientific survey have a few things in common. They’re all single, active daters who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Most are afraid to have their real names printed in a newspaper though, so we compiled their collective Top 5 rules for dating and asked a handful of brave and savvy singles to share their thoughts.

Having a ball with pool

It’s 8 o’clock on a Friday night. Chris’s Billiards on Chicago’s Northwest Side is full of some serious pool players. They glance at our table. If they’re thinking we’re uncoordinated players, they’re too polite to point that out. Instead, a kindly gentleman walks over and suggests we take a bit more time to focus before we hit the ball. “It just takes a little getting used to,” he says. “You’ll get used to it.” Though my friend and I have only played pool a combined total of five times–ever–we’re having a ball.

Let the night games begin

The club is thumping, and everybody’s having a good time: You spy a woman across a sea of beautiful people and want to meet her. Do you: a) look in her direction until she smiles at you; b) send over a friend to see if she likes you, or c) saunter over to her and scream, “Wazzup?” You’re probably going home alone if you answered (b) or (c), but both are better than what a lot of people do: stare. “Many people walk into clubs with a defensive mind-set,” says Rodney Battles, author of Night Games! A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying the Nightclub and Bar Scene (Brown, $19.95), which hits stores later this month.

Beach Blast scores big for Jordan club

The Friends of the James Jordan Boys and Girls Club made quite the splash with their first Beach Blast. Held at Phil Stefani’s kicky Castaways Restaurant at the North Avenue Beach–a favorite hangout for the Chicago cast of this season’s “The Real World”–the benefit attracted almost 200 revelers wearing their best casual beach attire. Surveying the crowd, Deloris Jordan appeared particularly chic and cool in a crisp summer suit.

Crossroads of the heart

At the best spots where singles mingle, people are focused on something besides meeting a date. With something (ostensibly) in the air besides romance, sparks can fly as if by serendipity. Here are some fresh ideas for getting out and about, along with some hints about who’s there and what to wear. The rest is up to you.

Courtney Crump goes to the prom

For some of her classmates going to the prom, a gown and flip flops are the way to go. But for Warren Township High School senior Courtney Crump, flat shoes are not an option.

Give your wedding a perfect photo finish

Jeanne Farnan knew she wouldn’t cut corners on photography for her wedding day. “My [husband] and I splurged on the photos because we knew we might not remember everything from our wedding, but the pictures would be forever,” says Farnan, 25, who was married earlier this month. “I remember being a bridesmaid and all the pictures from that wedding looked so posed.” Like many modern brides, Farnan didn’t want her wedding album filled with dated photos that could’ve been taken at her parents’ wedding.

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