Game Zone: Disney’s Extreme Skate Adventure, Starsky and Hutch, Boktai

“I like ‘Halo’ on Xbox because you can play up to 16 players at once. We usually play four at a time and just kill each other. It’s fun.” — Chicago Fire defender Carlos Bocanegra

Game Zone: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, GameDay 2004, Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

“I have and play video poker, and I still don’t win very often. I have a pinball machine in my basement that I bought when I was 15. My kids play Tiger Woods 2003 and Splinter Cell (on XBox).” -Rick Nielsen, lead guitarist for Cheap Trick

Game Zone: ESPN NFL Football, Alter Echo, Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

It is the future and if you’re a shaper, you’ve got it made. Using a substance called plast, shapers may create anything they want-like weapons of mass destruction, space-age style. You play as a fledgling shaper named Nevin.

Game Zone: NCAA Football 2004, TRON 2.0

Between Madden and EA Sports’ football game franchises, is there really a need for competitors to even bother? This game rocks. The game controls are the same as before, but the game play is stronger, faster and better.

F-Zero GX

Are you feeling the need for speed? If your learning curve is fast and your patience is long, the latest in Nintendo’s racing franchise may win you over.

Game Zone: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution, Soul Caliber II

Fast action, cool animation and plenty of options make this one of the best fighting games, bar none. There may be only 15 characters to select from, but thanks to the 1,500 accessory options (hair, clothes, facial features), there seem to be dozens more.

Game Zone: Futurama, Silent Hill 3, Downhill Domination

Evil businesswoman Mom now owns 51 percent of Earth, making her supreme ruler. It’s up to the gang at Planet Express–Fry, Leela and Bender–to stop her.

Madden NFL 2004: Chicago’s hottest videogame

Cool graphics, easy-to-follow directions and John Madden’s colorful commentary all make this franchise the best football game on the market. The attention to detail–from the players to the stadiums–is amazing. Speaking of which, Soldier Field has never looked so good.

Boot up and play ball!

The All-Star game hits Comiskey, um, US Cellular Field on Tuesday. For those who can’t get enough baseball, we’ve got some of this season’s big hitters and strikeouts … in videogames, we mean. As for the popcorn and peanuts, you’re on your own.

Cyber-hoop dreams

With college basketball hitting its peak with tonight’s NCAA finals, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite hoops titles. Unfortunately, not every one is a slam dunk.

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