Dino Lingo’s language program for children

By the time children have reached puberty, it’s often too late for children to learn a foreign language without an accent. Dino Lingo is geared towards teaching young children how to speak a new language without necessarily having to know how to read.

Pics ‘n’ Props

If there are some of you who have yet to order your cards, I would like to share this tip. Order more than you need. Not only will they come in handy when you rush to mail out last-minute cards to people you’ve forgotten about (oops!), but they’ll be really fun to send out in the upcoming years. One day, when our children are no longer small and adorable, they may not want to pose for cute holiday card photos. In fact, they may look downright surly. And let’s face it — when kids are surly at 3, 4 or 5 — they’re still pretty darned sweet looking. At 16 or 17, not so much.

These are a few of my favorite things …

I am not one of those women who packs a lot of shoes. I like to travel with one carryon bag if I can get away with it. So while I may bring along a pair of fancy heels for dinners, the shoes I like to travel and sightsee in are my Merrells. Whether it’s their sneakers or sandals, I find that I can get away with just one pair. I’ve only been disappointed with their brand once when I purchased a pair of sandals that lasted barely two years before falling apart.

Show your spirit with personalized cards

There are two types of holiday card recipients — those who display them well into the new year, and those who throw them away the second after they’ve opened the envelope. If you don’t want your card to fall into the latter category, try sending something a little different this year: cards you’ve made yourself.

Taking a call while you’re online

If someone leaves a voicemail message, but you don’t hear it because you’re online, does it really count? Of course it does, but depending on the urgency of the call, it might be too late.        

3-in-1 backpack all the beach-bound need

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you’re probably thinking about picnics and–if the weather ever cooperates–heading to the beach or pool. Those of you who thought those collapsible chairs with built-in cupholders were the be-all, end-all are going to love the latest trend in portable chairs: the multitaskers.

Polaroid is the One celebs find flashy

May 1, 2003

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Polaroid is the One celebs find flashy

Beyonce Knowles is doing it. So are Richard Gere, Brendan Fraser, Dustin Hoffman and Howard Stern. They’re all taking pictures with Polaroid’s latest instant camera–the Polaroid One ($49.99).

Processing good for quantity; printer can be fun if you like do-it-yourself

To print or not to print. That is the question for a lot of digital camera users who’ve stashed hundreds of images and aren’t sure what to do with them. If you’re like many Americans, you may store them on your computer or a CD. You may even e-mail a few images to your friends and family. But print them out? What a hassle, right? Not really.

Teens help grade cameras

Summer finally is here and we’re ready to hit the road. Whether it’s a drive to the Wisconsin Dells with the kids or a flight to Paris with the main squeeze, there’s one thing we’ll all pack for the trip: a camera (or two). With so many options to choose from, we decided to test some of this summer’s most popular cameras. Our operatives? Some of the winners of the Van Kampen Funds’ Portraits of True Wealth student photography competition.

Trivial Pursuit celebrates its 20th anniversary

When Tom O’Brien crossed the U.S. border into Canada to pick up a copy of a new game called Trivial Pursuit, he had no idea it would help him win major bucks nearly two decades later. “Before Trivial Pursuit came out in America [in 1982], it was released in Canada,” says O’Brien, 46, of the Loop. “I was living in Seattle at the time and remember running up to Vancouver to get the game. I thought it was great and loved it. It got to the point where I got so good no one would play with me anymore.”

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