Shoplifting and graffiti

April 2, 2013

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Shoplifting and graffiti

When I was a young teenager, my parents gave me some money to buy a new outfit at Sears. We didn’t live too far from there, so I walked over by myself. I was always careful with money, so I looked at the items I was interested in, compared prices and then tried a few things on before selecting the final item I wanted to purchase. The cashier looked at the woman standing behind me. It turned out that the woman was a plainclothes security guard whose job it was to profile and trail people who were likely to shoplift. I’m not sure why I was pegged.

Go Away With … Sabrina Soto

Author, Target™ Style expert and HGTV on-air personality, Sabrina Soto is known to viewers as the host and designer of such shows as “The High Low Project” and “Get It Sold.” Soto, who has a background in both real estate and design, says she has always been interested in decorating and interior design. To get paid to do it is literally a dream come true for her, she says. A resident of New York’s Upper West Side, Soto admits that it’s sometimes difficult to get her out of her beautiful apartment when she’s not working. Still, the allure of travel is something she can’t ignore.