By Jae-Ha Kim
Los Angeles Confidential
May / June 2006

BALI — The Indonesian island of Bali is steeped in history and ritual. Every day, the Balinese leave canang sari (or offerings of flowers, money and food) at temples, on shrines or even outside their own homes in the hopes that good fortune will smile upon their families.

Despite the bombings last year in Kuta and Kimbaran, Bali is not a paradise lost.  Its gorgeous climate, pristine beaches and rich volcanic soil create a blissful destination where orchids are fragrant and the fruits are sweet and plentiful. And because tourism plays such a big part in its economy, many businesses have slashed their prices to lure Westerners. Many high-end wood carving shops and jewelry boutiques will offer discounts without haggling for a deal.

And from the Four Seasons Bali Jimbaran Bay and the Four Seasons Savan Bali to the Ritz Carlton Bali and the InterContinental Resort Bali, there are enough luxury accommodations to please even the pickiest of travelers.


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