Go Away With … Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

By Jae-Ha Kim
Tribune Content Agency
January 13, 2015

Former co-stars (“Charmed”) and real-life best friends, actresses Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs star in the Great American Country reality series, “Off the Map with Shannen and Holly.” “Holly and I experienced so many memorable moments,” says Doherty, 43, who resides in Malibu. “We ziplined in Kentucky and handled an alligator in Georgia. But, most of all, the people we met were so special and I truly feel blessed to have had this experience.”

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Q. What is your favorite destination?

A. I love going on vacation. For me, it doesn’t always have to be an exotic destination. Santa Ynez is a favorite of mine. Jonata Vineyard is one of my favorites that’s located there and I love visiting their vineyard and walking their land. I’ve also always loved Mexico.

Q. To someone who was going to those spots for the first time, what would you recommend that they do?

A. I would suggest looking around the town of Los Olivos for wine-tasting and going to El Rancho Market for everything you could ever want to make a great meal with. As for Mexico, I suggest Costa Careyes, which is a truly magical spot for the water, the beaches and the food.

Q. What untapped destination would you recommend?

A. I’m not sure South Africa is untapped, but — for me — going there changed me. It’s so diverse in its own way and stunningly beautiful, mixed with such hardship. It truly evokes emotion out of even the most hardened soul.

Q. What was the first trip you took when you were a child?

A. It was to Mississippi. I had to ask my mom. I don’t remember it!

Q. What have you learned from your travels?

A. To stay open to whatever happens. I never do the tourist thing and instead opt to delve into the local culture and just soak in my surroundings. South Africa moved me in every way possible. It’s made me fight and care more for animals, appreciate everything God gives us and it has helped shape my aesthetic with interior design.

Q. Have your travel experiences changed your views on the world?

A. Taiji, Japan had an impact on me. I was there with the Cove Guardians of Sea Shepherd, bearing witness to the horrific drive hunts of dolphins and pilot whales. It astounds me that such a beautiful place is tainted by death and greed.

Q. What are some of your favorite weekend getaways?

A. For me, it’s in my backyard. I’m fortunate enough to live by beautiful beaches and lovely people. I love Montecito. The San Ysidro Ranch is romantic. The cottages are all unique, the grounds perfect and the food stunning. Plus, I get to bring my dogs!

Q. What is your favorite hotel?

A. I don’t have a favorite hotel. I go from small boutique hotels to Ritz-Carlton-type hotels. When in New York, I always feel at home at the Gansevort Hotel.

Q. What are your five favorite cities?

A. Rome, Johannesburg, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and London.

Q. What is left on your travel bucket list?

A. I would love to go to Greece, India, Istanbul, Kenya, Botswana and Cuba. Pretty much everywhere! But my dream trip would be Kenya and Botswana.

Q. When you travel, what are your must-have items?

A. My phone, so I can keep in touch with friends and family. I’m also picky about my soap, so I bring my own.

Q. What are your favorite restaurants?

A. Good ones! (Laughs) In Los Angeles, I love Nobu. I also like Capo, Tar and Roses and all my local restaurants in Malibu.

Q. Do you do a lot of prep work prior to your trips?

A. I do little research for a trip. Mainly I just check the weather. Then I go for it, knowing I’ll stumble upon just the right things.

Q. What is your favorite vacation memory?

A. South Africa and Mozambique left such an impression on me. They are so different and yet connected. The people, the wildlife and the food are extraordinary.

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