For the love of baseball

I spent a good chunk of my youth at Wrigley Field. One of my brother’s first jobs as a teenager was as an Andy Frain usher at Wrigley Field. Back then, you could always get into see a Cubs game. But as relatively new immigrants, we didn’t have a lot of disposal income for things like ballgames. Or babysitters. So during the summers, while my sister worked at the library and my brother as an usher, one of them would have to take me along with them. More often than not, I would tag along with my brother to Wrigley Field, because getting to watch a ballgame was more fun than watching my sister shelve books.

Buffy, fans fall for David Boreanaz as fallen Angel

Outside Wrigley Field, surrounded by thousands of other Cubs fans, David Boreanaz hit the ground and bowed. “I’m not worthy,” he said, half-jokingly. “I’m totally in awe. I’m mesmerized right now.” The same could be said for the gaggle of teenagers nudging each other, asking, “Hey, isn’t that Angel?”