Tiny bubbles

I was looking through some old photos, and I found this picture. My husband was testing a waterproof camera and got this shot of our son (then two-years old) playing in one of the pools at the Kalahari Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells. I ending up writing about the trip for the New York Post. This photo didn’t make it in. So, here it is.

Update: Kalahari Resort

Way back before I was married and had a baby, a New York friend asked me why anyone would want to go to the Wisconsin Dells. Oh, I don’t know, because it’s awesome? Say what you will about the Dells being a cliché or a haven for the overfed. I don’t care. When it’s cold and rainy out everywhere else, nothing beats spending the weekend at a warm waterpark.

Kalahari wows kids, woos adults

From the moment you step inside the African-themed Kalahari Resort, you know you’re in a different kind of waterpark. For one thing, there are (caged) lion and tiger cubs mewing and looking pretty darned adorable in the lobby. Then there’s the clientele, who are running around in bathing suits, flip flops and shorts, despite the chill outside. Though spring hasn’t quite found its way to the Midwest just yet, it’s balmy here. Step into the 58,000-square-foot indoor waterpark–the largest in America–and the temperature rises to 87 degrees. It’s two degrees cooler in the water.