“The Loop”

Take a pair of bumbling brothers and mix in a couple of hot female roommates, and you’ve got “The Loop,” a sitcom that hopefully isn’t representative of how immature the average twentysomething is these days. The seven episodes from the comedy’s debut mini season–which aired from March to April 2006–focuses on the haphazard life of Sam (Bret Harrison), a brilliant, young airline executive referred to by his boss as “Thesis” because of his uncanny ability to remember everything there is to know about airplanes and the airline industry.

Touring the Trendy Side Of California Hot Spots

The Cat & Fiddle is easily my favorite L.A. hangout. Trendy, but not snooty, this pub and restaurant is one of the places to be seen this. People have a difficult time remembering what it’s called – I’ve heard Fiddle Dee Dee, Cat in the Hat and Cat in the Fiddle – but in a city filled with poseur clubs, the Cat & Fiddle stands out as winner. There’s a lush courtyard filled with trees that makes patrons feel they’ve walked onto the set of a Robin Hood movie. A couple of big bikers work the door, politely asking to see IDs. The beautiful people start heading in around 11:30 p.m. Did I see anyone famous there? No, but it was worth the trip to see a smashing Bjorn Borg-lookalike romp around in lederhosen.