So long, Will, so long, Grace. It's time.

May 18, 2006

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So long, Will, so long, Grace. It’s time.

After eight seasons on air–some very good, the later years not so much–“Will & Grace” bids farewell tonight. Unlike its characters, which have gotten increasingly squawky over time, the show is getting a relatively subdued send-off that doesn’t match the manic frenzy surrounding the “Friends” finale two years earlier. 

Fore! Now to the instructional video.

May 17, 2006

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Fore! Now to the instructional video.

If it seems odd for a reality series to air on a golf channel, consider that since its January 1995 launch, the Golf Channel has provided round-the-clock coverage of all things golf. But there are only so many tournaments they can repeat, and even the most ardent fans tire of interviews with Michelle Wie and Tiger Woods.      

On ‘NCIS,’ an ender veiled in mystery

It looks like the “NCIS” producers are ready to get rid of another character on tonight’s season finale. Last year, a sniper picked off Agent Caitlin Todd (Sasha Alexander). Promos for tonight’s episode promise that another series regular will be leaving the show. 

Memories: Brandy does ‘One on One’

As UPN gets ready to sign off, the TV version of the circle of life continues with a guest appearance by Brandy on tonight’s season finale of  “One on One” and probably its series finale. Brandy was the star of “Moesha,” UPN’s first hit show, starting in 1996. 

One year later, everybody loves ‘Chris’

At last year’s upfront presentations, media buyers praised “Everybody Hates Chris” as the show that would revive the stagnating sitcom genre. But then again, many also were touting Martha Stewart’s version of the “Apprentice” as a sure thing.  

For ‘Unan1mous,’ a final twist of fate 

It’s become an unwritten rule that reality shows, especially Fox shows, must have unexpected twists. Typically there’s a cruel twist as well. So expect a big one tonight when the season finale of “Unan1mous” at 9:30 p.m. reveals which contestant wins the cash prize of $1.5 million.      

Cooties: ABC’s horrific avian flu flick

There’s nothing like a potential pandemic to rouse audiences, especially as a movie of the week airing during sweeps and on a network that could use the boost. Thus tonight’s movie, from ABC: “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America,” airing at 8 p.m.

Gasping for air: David Blaine stunting

There used to be a time when magicians were happy to pull a rabbit out of their hats. These days they don’t seem to be pleased unless they’ve tortured themselves to the top of the ratings. Which brings us to David Blaine, the attention-loving Gen Y magician who doesn’t mind being buried alive, frozen, or drowned–all for the sake of good TV, or at least good ratings.

Brady kick for fading ‘That ’70s Show’

May 18 marks the series finale of “That ’70s Show.” This week marks what may be funnier, two back-to-back new episodes, one of which features guest appearances by real-life ’70s stars Christopher Knight and Barry Williams from that real ’70s show, “The Brady Bunch.”    

‘One Tree Hill,’ and drooping way over

“One Tree Hill” has never been as compelling or interesting as fellow WB shows “Dawson’s Creek” or “Gilmore Girls.” So upon hearing that tonight’s season finale also may be the three-year old drama’s finale, even fans may be muttering a tepid, “Eh.”    

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