Go Away With … George Newbern

For “Scandal” actor George Newbern, the perfect vacation would be to “rent a place in Paris and use that as a base to eat all the food and invite friends over to hang out.”

Go Away With … Richard Schiff

Richard Schiff says that until “West Wing,” most people couldn’t pinpoint who he was or why they recognized him. Those days have changed. In the past year alone, the Emmy Award-winning actor has worked on multiple films and television series. Schiff just ended a run as an attorney on DIRECTV’s “Rogue” and can be seen in BBC America’s “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency.”

Go Away With … Dianne Hales

Author Dianne Hales says, “If you were to offer me a ticket almost anywhere, but I had to leave in an hour, I wouldn’t hesitate. There’s nothing I need that can’t be bought somewhere.”

Go Away With … Sarah Piampiano

As a child, Sarah Piampiano dreamed of being an Olympian. But, as an adult, she figured her life as an investment banker would prevent her from becoming a full-time athlete. Five years ago, she made a lifestyle switch, quitting her job, moving to the West Coast and devoting all her time and energy into becoming a pro triathlete. Piampiano, 34, says that switching from finance to the world of elite athletes hasn’t been the easiest transition, but one for which she has a passion.

Go Away With … Zoe McLellan

Best known for her roles on “JAG” and “Dirty Sexy Money,” Zoe McLellan stars as Meredith Brody in the hit CBS series “NCIS: New Orleans.” The actress, who was born in California and raised in Washington, is based out of Louisiana, where her series is filmed. “I currently reside in New Orleans and have never felt more at home anywhere in my life,” McLellan says. ‘It’s in my blood now.”

Go Away With … Chynna Phillips

A resident of Santa Barbara, Calif., Chynna Phillips competed last year on “Dancing with the Stars.” She has also released music as part of the Christian pop duo Chynna and Vaughan and does charitable work for organizations such as the Los Angelitos Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico. An accomplished cook who enjoys preparing meals for her children and her husband William Baldwin — even when they’re traveling — Phillips says she doesn’t like to admit she’s 44 years old because “I’m still 21 at heart.”

Go Away With … Kyung-sook Shin

With multiple best-selling books under the belt, Kyung-sook Shin has rock star status in her native South Korea. Now the 48-year-old author is ready to enter the international market with her latest book, “Please Look After Mom” (Knopf, $24.95). The touching novel — about a family that doesn’t appreciate their mother until after she has mysteriously disappeared — sold more than a million copies in Korea. It has since been released in more than 20 countries and debuted May 1 at number 14 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Go Away With … Zade

After the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, Jordanian pianist Zade Dirani — who is known simply as Zade — began a grassroots effort to let the world know that what the hijackers did was not representative of his people or religion. His four-year tour included performances in synagogues, churches, community centers and homes, as well as the more traditional concert venues.

Go Away With … Peter King

Sports Illustrated writer Peter King knows his football. The winner of this year’s Dick McCann Memorial Award for his coverage of the game, King has written a new book — Sports Illustrated: Monday Morning Quarterback: A Fully Caffeinated Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the NFL, which will be in stores Oct. 13. The 52-year-old Boston resident includes his list of all-time favorite players in the book. But here, King tells us about some of his favorite places to travel.