Go Away With … Serdar Acar

“Each language has its own advantages,” says Dino Lingo founder Serdar Acar. “I realized that being able to communicate in (more) languages opened new doors and opportunities for me. But when it comes to traveling, I think English speakers are a bit luckier, because you can find an English-speaking person most of the time, especially if you stick to the tourist routes. That is why most people in other countries learn English.”

Go Away With … Carla Renata

“I didn’t make it to Perth, but I went all over Australia,” says actress Carla Renata. “I was working over there long enough that I could take vacations. If I could figure out a way to make a living there, I would move there. The food is to die for. Everything is fresh and prepared spectacularly and the people are really loving and warm. The theater and arts scene is wonderful.”

Go Away With … Darley Newman

There are many lifestyle shows about travel, but Darley Newman has tapped into a unique niche. The host, writer and producer of the Emmy Award-winning PBS series “Equitrekking,” has combined her love of exploring with her passion for horses.

Go Away With … David Cross

Versatile actor David Cross’ plan for world domination is simple: recruit fans at a young age so that he’ll have a steady stream of residuals. He’s kidding, sort of. The star and creator of IFC’s “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,” Cross also has a young fan base, thanks to his movie roles in “Megamind,” “Kung Fu Panda” and the “Alvin and the Chipmunk” franchise. Cross, 47, is also known for his work on the TV series “Arrested Development.” Engaged to actress Amber Tamblyn, Cross is an avid traveler whose bucket list includes visiting places such as Moscow, Warsaw and Lisbon.

Go Away With … Alan Parker

Born in England, Sir Alan Parker knows a thing or two about traveling. The acclaimed director of “Evita,” “Angela’s Ashes” and “Mississippi Burning” has vacationed around the world. But ask the 65-year-old icon what his most memorable trip was and he’ll answer, “Turkey.” That is where the director filmed part of his controversial film “Midnight Express.” The Blu-ray version of the classic movie is now available (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) and includes some of Parker’s personal observations and photographs from the filming.

Go Away With … Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff, whose line of handbags is a favorite with A-list celebrities, says though she enjoys a nice hotel with a luxurious spa, it’s also fun to “rough it a bit and carry everything you need on your back.” Though she could easily create a chic knapsack for herself, Minkoff says her practical side uses her Samsonite backpack, which she admits should work well for her for a few more trips.

Go Away With … Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis has a reputation for being somewhat of a wild child. But the 36-year-old actress-singer says she is mellower that people would think. “I would rather be on the road with my band or traveling than out partying,” says Lewis. The actress, who co-stars with Drew Barrymore in “Whip It!” and stars opposite Jennifer Aniston in next year’s “The Baster,” opens for the Pretenders on a U.S. tour kicking off on Aug. 5 (www.myspace.com/juliettelewis). Her new album “Terra Incognita” will be in stores on Sept. 9.