What would’ve happened if Ryan Lochte had spoken Portuguese?

Too many people have brushed off Lochte-Gate with, “Boys will be boys.” Which makes me question, just what kind of boys are we raising?

My son isn’t in preschool yet — surely his life is ruined

What I do know is this. I miss my free time. At times I even miss working full-time. But what I really miss is the past that I had with Kyle but didn’t fully appreciate because I was trying to figure out how to be a good parent. I was so busy planning out his future that I didn’t really relish each day as we were living it.

Celebrating our 2nd Family Day

Two years ago today, Denton and I landed at O’Hare with a very scared and tired baby. If you look at picture from that day, you’ll see that Denton and I are beaming–happy to be home with our adorable baby. But look closer at our son’s expression and you’ll see that he isn’t happy. He’s stunned. He went into survival mode once he realized that his foster parents–the people who had raised him since he was three-weeks old–were gone.

Our author goes all Bahama Mama when traveling to Atlantis with her son

As it turns out, having a cute toddler with a penchant for high-fiving strangers is like toting around catnip. Apparently, Kyle saves his worst for when it’s just us, in private. In public, he was like a well-behaved movie star. He went straight to work at the airport, charming the sort of shop girls I had always assumed were beyond human emotion. Put him on a plane, I learned, and suddenly he’s the flight attendants’ favorite passenger. I’m not ashamed to say that we used him as a means to reel in extra snacks.

The Peanut is 2-1/2 years old today

Kyle is 2-1/2 years old today and we started the day off with big tears. His and mine. Normally the morning routine includes some playtime with daddy before Denton heads off to work and we sit down for breakfast. Today, Kyle slept in until 8:30, so Denton had already left for work. I’m not sure if that set him off, but he was in a mood. He wanted me, he didn’t want me, he wanted to go downstairs, he wanted to stay upstairs. Push. Pull.

Go Away With … Laurie Berkner

The tweens have Justin Bieber. The toddlers have Laurie Berkner. A former preschool teacher who taught music to kids by day and rocked out with her bands Lois Lane and Red Onion by night, Berkner writes smart music that gets kids to think as well as dance. A staple on the Nick Jr. cable channel, the 41-year-old performer’s latest DVD “Let’s Hear It for the Laurie Berkner Band” features some of her most popular music videos and hits stores on Sept. 28.

My son

A few months after he had been with us, Kyle began losing his Korean and speaking predominantly English. It became most apparent when he cried for me one night, but he didn’t cry out for umma (which means mommy). He said, “Mom!” I don’t know how I feel about that. It is so hard to learn a new language when you are older, but it is so easy to forget it. Being fluent in a second language often is something you don’t appreciate until you’re no longer bilingual.