Go Away With … Ywada

R and B singer Ywada, who hails from Tampa, Fla., says that it didn’t come as a surprise to family and friends when she decided to pursue a career in music. Born to a singer and a sound engineer, she grew up in a household filled with music. Now 26, the mononymous artist is celebrating the release of her current single “Count Me Out.” She’s also working with the Women’s Breast Health Initiative (WBHI) to bring awareness to breast cancer — a disease her close family and friends have had to battle.

Go Away With … James Blake

As a child, James Blake suffered from scoliosis. The budding tennis star had two choices: surgery, to correct the curvature of his spine, or a back brace. Because the former meant he would have to give up the sport, he opted for the brace — which he took off only for tennis practice. An economics student at Harvard, Blake dropped out after two years to play on the pro circuit. At 29, he is one of America’s best tennis players. He will compete in the U.S. Open, which runs Aug. 31 through Sept. 13. Blake — who has dabbled in modeling — also collaborated with his sponsor Fila on his new line of clothing, which he named after his late father: Thomas Reynolds. For more information on Blake and his line of athletic wear, visit www.fila.com.