Go Away With … Mark Lamprell

“I live in Manly, (near) Sydney,” says Australian filmmaker Mark Lamprell, one of the co-writers of “Babe: Pig in the City.” “It’s a magical part of the world — a spit of land with an ocean beach on one side and Sydney Harbour on the other. You can catch a ferry into the city center in 20 minutes.” Lamprell is also the author of the book, “One Summer Day in Rome” (Flatiron Books, $24.99). We talked with him about his travels in general and Rome in particular.

Go Away With … Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman is the coach of the most famous swimmer in the world: Michael Phelps. While he won’t confirm if Phelps will compete in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, he says the two enjoy competition of another kind: horseracing. “Michael and I own some horses (Water Cube, By a Hundredth),” says Bowman, who is based out of Baltimore. “These horses are amazing athletes in their own right.”

Go Away With … Jonathan Butler

“Traveling is good for the brain,” says musician Jonathan Butler, 52. “The mind needs it. I can’t imagine life without getting to see all the amazing, different parts of the world.”

Go Away With … Vicki Lawrence

“The world is a lot smaller now,” says Vicki Lawrence,” and travel unites the world.”

Go Away With … Kalliope Lee

An American expat residing overseas in London, Kalliope Lee makes her novel debut with “Sunday Girl” (Psychopomp Press). Set in 1991 Seoul, the book tells the story of two college-age friends struggling to live with the violent attack they both survived. One of the young women becomes obsessed with the plight of Korea’s “comfort women” — girls who were forced into sexual slavery to serve the Japanese Army during World War II.

Go Away With … Alexandra Breckenridge

You’ve probably seen — or heard — Alexandra Breckenridge on some of your favorite television series. She portrays Katerina on HBO’s “True Blood” and spent six years doing voice work for such shows as Fox’s “Family Guy” and “American Dad.” Her latest role is playing Moira on the new FX series “American Horror Story,” which is the brainchild of “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy. Born and raised in Connecticut, Breckenridge and her mother moved to California when she was 12.

Go Away With … Rick Springfield

In his recently published memoir “Late, Late at Night” ($26, Touchstone), musician-actor Rick Springfield, 61, reveals a dark side that few fans knew about. He tried to commit suicide when he was 17, cheated multiple times on his wife of 26 years and underwent plastic surgery at the ripe old age of 23 in an attempt to look even more youthful than he already did. Springfield, who wrote the book without a co-author or a ghostwriter, exhibits a humorous and poignant touch as he examines the ebbs and flows of his career.

Go Away With … Jennifer Knapp

When Jennifer Knapp decides to take time off, she really goes for it. When the 36-year-old singer from Kansas wanted to reassess her life, she took seven years off and spent a good chunk of that time exploring Australia. She didn’t return to the United States until she was good and ready to start recording again. And she announced that she was gay.

Go Away With … Jordin Sparks

Though Jordin Spark’s tours have taken her to many destinations, the young singer has a long list of places she’d still like to visit. And she plans on taking her dog with her, if at all possible.

Go Away With … Lenka

You’ve probably heard Lenka’s evocative music helping set the mood on such shows as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “90210” and “Ugly Betty.” Or maybe in a commercial for Old Navy. The Aussie actress, who was once in the same acting class as Cate Blanchett, is currently on a world tour to promote her self-titled album “Lenka.”

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