Go Away With … Jessica Pimentel

As one of the breakout stars of the Netflix original series “Orange Is the New Black,” Jessica Pimentel brings life to complicated inmate Maria Ruiz. The actress has another side to her as well: musician. She fronts the indie death-metal band Alekhine’s Gun. A huge fan of New York, Pimentel resides in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn.

Go Away With … Judah Friedlander

“The United States is a huge country (that in) many ways is like many countries within one,” says actor Judah Friedlander, who also hosts the Nat Geo WILD’s three-part series, “The Monster Project.” “I recommend visiting neighborhoods or cities in your own country that you would never visit. And try the cuisine that is specific to that city.”

Go Away With … Jordin Sparks

Though Jordin Spark’s tours have taken her to many destinations, the young singer has a long list of places she’d still like to visit. And she plans on taking her dog with her, if at all possible.

Go Away With … Torry Castellano

After almost 16 years together, the Donnas are still going strong with their hard-rocking live shows. Their latest album, “Bitchin’,” proves that this group hasn’t lost its punk roots or its feverish love of rock. The band, which owes more to the Ramones than it does to the Runaways, includes lead singer Brett Anderson, guitarist Allison Robertson, bassist Maya Ford and drummer Torry Castellano, who says that thanks to years of touring, the band has gotten to see a good chunk of the world — a perk of their job.

Cheap Scandinavia, without roughing it

Scandinavia is known for its high standard of living and its equally high prices. But by using Frommer’s Scandinavia on $50 a Day and doing a little bargaining, we were able to find decent accommodations at reasonable prices. We spent one week each in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and spent $1,000 apiece on lodging, food, transportation (not including the $700 round-trip airfare) and entertainment. We didn’t go hungry, we weren’t overly exhausted, and we weren’t bored. It wasn’t that difficult, really. We decided to travel by train from city to city, rather than by car. By sleeping on the longer journeys, we could save a night at a hotel.