Go Away With … Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell got an early start with road trips. “We grew up making trips to our family vacation house in Cherry Grove, S.C., just outside Myrtle Beach,” says the Nashville-based singer-songwriter. “I loved it! Knowing that it was a house my grandpa built for our family to enjoy made it a very special place.” Currently on tour to promote her album “The Anchor and the Sail,” Campbell’s single “Be You” is available via free download from Crate and Barrel’s “Get the Download” offer (valid through the end of October).

Go Away With … Noah Bean

Actor Noah Bean advises travelers to always know the route they’re traveling. Case in point: “When I was in college, a friend and I were bumming around Europe on a Eurorail pass. We were traveling overnight by train from Budapest to Venice. The conductor looked at our tickets, then looked at us and said, “Problem.” What happened was that we had left the European Union and gone into a place where our pass wasn’t valid … and they were ready to dump us off the train.”

Go Away With … Judy Gold

The story goes that actress and comedienne Judy Gold began her stand-up career on a dare. She was a student at Rutgers University, 6-foot-3 and funny. It seemed like a no brainer. More than two decades later, the 46-year-old entertainer is still going strong with her brand of sardonic, witty humor. An Emmy-winning writer and producer on “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” Gold can next be seen in the “Stand-Up 360” comedy showcase, which is being released theatrically this summer across the country.