Go Away With … Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown knows a thing or two about traveling. As a member of the Spice Girls, Brown — or Scary Spice, as she was known — saw much of the world, thanks to multiple tours with the group. “It was great fun,” says Brown, 33. “I’ve always loved seeing bits and pieces of places and then kind of figuring out where I’d like to return for vacations.” Brown, who was born in Leeds, England, currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband Stephen Belafonte and her two children. After competing on “Dancing with the Stars,” Brown began to put together ideas for a workout video that would be fun for “girlfriends to do together.” Her exercise DVD “Totally Fit” is in stores now.

Backstreet Boys at New World Music Theatre

Here are a few factoids I picked up at the Backstreet Boys concert Saturday night at the New World Music Theatre in Tinley Park: Nick Carter, the youngest (18), tallest (6-foot-1) and blondest of the five Boys, is the most popular. The Backstreet Boys say “Wassup?!” a lot. They are the male equivalent of the Spice Girls: young, good-looking and blandly appealing as singers.