Go Away With … Wendy Hoopes

“I had a stunning visit to Essaouira, Morocco,” actress Wendy Hoopes recalls. “The ocean crashes onto gorgeous beaches and rocks and it is truly awe-inspiring. Jimmy Hendrix and the Rolling Stones used to visit this spot back in the day and you can see why. It was Ramadan when I was there and there was a full moon. I swear it filled the entire sky and it had this enormous ring around it. I never would have believed such a sight could exist if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. (It) took my breath away. Despite the amoebas I carried home with me from that trip, it was something special.”

Rolling Stones

Dismiss the ruminations about this being the Rolling Stones’ “401K” tour and faggadabout the Geritol jokes. The Stones may be the grandfathers of rock ‘n’ roll, but they also are consumate professionals who can still teach the youngsters a thing or two about how to put on a good stadium show.