Go Away With … Kendra Cunningham

Comic Kendra Cunningham says, “The worst trip I ever took was with my family. We went to Maine. We got there and the hotel was really scary. Light fixtures missing bulbs, people hanging out in the hallways, the rooms seemed dirty. We barricaded the door, but we never made it through the night. We packed up around 2 a.m. and drove home.”

Go Away With … Dan Storper

Entrepreneur Dan Storper has always loved traveling and music. With Putumayo World Music — his independent record label that specializes in world music — Storper has been able to combine his two passions. “Most of my travel over the years has centered around business,” says Storper, 62. “But I love researching museums and hotels and usually let the people I’m meeting suggest the restaurants.”

Go Away With … Regina King

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif., where she still resides, Regina King starred as Marla Gibbs’ daughter on the popular ’80s sitcom, “227.” Unlike many child actors who fade away after a few years in the spotlight, the 42-year-old actress worked steadily through the years opposite Tom Cruise, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Cuba Gooding Jr. King recently starred in the series “Southland” and has a recurring role on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Go Away With … Joe Satriani

Guitar legend Joe Satriani and his wife, Rubina, are big fans of traveling, whether it’s a quick flight to Vancouver or an exotic vacation on Tioman Island. Though he enjoys the peace and tranquility of villas that offer little distraction by way of phones and televisions, he also admits he’s partial to having access to the Internet, especially when he’s on tour.

Weekend getaways

To quote songwriter Frank Loesser, baby it’s cold outside. And nothing helps beat the winter doldrums than a weekend getaway to some place fabulous. We know what you’re thinking: There’s not enough time to plan a trip… It’ll be too expensive… It’s not really a romantic getaway if you have to plan all the details rather than your man. Don’t worry about that. We’ve got all that figured out. Read on.

Playa del Carmen

Lying 41 miles south of Cancun, Playa del Carmen is a dream for Americans who don’t want to be surrounded by their countrymen (and women). Popular with Europeans, who account for 80 percent of the tourists who visit the lush locale, Playa del Carmen boasts pristine beaches, clear blue water and, yes, topless sunbathers. The crowd is older than the spring breakers who flock to Cancun every year, so the aura is relaxing, rather than frenetic.