Go Away With … Harry Shum Jr.

Born in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica, to Chinese parents, Harry Shum Jr. was once best known for his dancing in films such as “You Got Served,” “Stomp the Yard” and the “Step Up” films. But, today, “gleeks” worldwide know him as dreamy high school student Mike Chang on Fox TV’s hit show “Glee.”

Win Ray Chen’s “Virtuoso”

I recently did an interview with classical musician Ray Chen. His label, Sony Records, has given me a copy of his latest CD, “Virtuoso.” And I’d like to give it to one of my readers. It’s fantastic and a fine addition to any record collection. #WinWithJae

Go Away With … John Grogan

When John Grogan wrote Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World’s Worst Dog, he knew he had written a good book. But he didn’t realize he had written a book that would become a phenomenon. The tale of Grogan’s naughty, but lovable dog, not only has spawned a movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, but also a series of children’s books starring the irrepressible Labrador Retriever.

Go Away With … Kevin Bacon

There are many aspects to Kevin Bacon. There’s the actor (“Frost/Nixon,” “The Woodsman,” “Apollo 13,” “Footloose”), the director (“Loverboy,” his wife Kyra Sedgwick’s series “The Closer”), the producer (“Wild Things”) and cultural icon (Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon). And then there’s his music. With his older brother Michael, Kevin has been touring for the past 14 years as part of the blues-tinged folk band the Bacon Brothers. “I can’t spend as much time touring as I’d like because of my other job,” says Bacon, 50.