Our author goes all Bahama Mama when traveling to Atlantis with her son

As it turns out, having a cute toddler with a penchant for high-fiving strangers is like toting around catnip. Apparently, Kyle saves his worst for when it’s just us, in private. In public, he was like a well-behaved movie star. He went straight to work at the airport, charming the sort of shop girls I had always assumed were beyond human emotion. Put him on a plane, I learned, and suddenly he’s the flight attendants’ favorite passenger. I’m not ashamed to say that we used him as a means to reel in extra snacks.

Go Away With … Justin Bieber

It’s not easy to travel incognito when every tween and teenage girl in the world knows what you look like. But Justin Bieber gave it a good shot during a recent trip to the Bahamas. When the 16-year-old pop star wanted to try out the waterslides at the Atlantis resort in Paradise Island, he wrapped a beach towel over his trademark mane of floppy blond hair.

Go Away With … The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are burning up. Just a couple years ago, the sibling trio was best known as Miley Cyrus’ cute boy band opening act. These days, 16-year-old Nick (who once dated Cyrus) and his brothers Joe, 19, and Kevin, 21, are bona-fide heartthrobs with millions of fans worldwide. With their film “The Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience” rolling into theaters on Feb. 27 and an upcoming Disney series called “J.O.N.A.S.,” in which the brothers portray rock star secret agents, the group is smoking hot.