Go Away With … Emily Wickersham

Born in Kansas, raised in New York and currently a resident of California, actress Emily Wickersham portrays Special Agent Eleanor Bishop on the popular CBS series, “NCIS.” An avid proponent of exploring the world, she says, “Every time I travel, a little piece of that trip comes back with me and it becomes a part of me. Experience is something that adds to anyone’s life and work. For actors, I think the more you know and learn, the more you’re able to add to the richness of the characters you play.”

Go Away With … Lauren Weisberger

After college, “The Devil Wears Prada” author Lauren Weisberger backpacked around various parts of the world, including Europe, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, India, Nepal and Hong Kong.

Go Away With … Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin says there’s something special about getting to stay home every now and again, especially since he has purchased a new house in Los Angeles. “I have a big, beautiful house that I never really get to see,” says the 30-year-old former “American Idol” contestant. “Sometimes it feels like I’m on vacation when I just get to sit on my sofa and hang out in front of my TV. But I will say that the thought of a really great, relaxing vacation can get me off my butt in no time because I really do love to travel. I love every part of it. Getting the chance to see the world is just an amazing perk of my job. It’s great.”

Go Away With … Lucy Lawless

Though Lucy Lawless is best known for playing the title character in “Xena: Warrior Princess,” she once made a living as the host of a travel show for Air New Zealand. The program was shown on the airline, as well as on television in Asia, Australia and her native New Zealand.

Go Away With … Curtis Stone

Born in Melbourne, Australia, chef Curtis Stone, 33, has lived in Los Angeles for the past three years but says he’s a traveler at heart. The star of TLC’s “Take Home Chef,” Stone has a new book in stores called Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone: Recipes to Put You in My Favorite Mood (Clarkson Potter). Stone, 33, talks to us about his travels and why America offers so much for visitors to see.

Go Away With … Jonathan Bennett

Jonathan Bennett remembers what it was like watching famous actors check into the hotel where he worked. “There were tons of them coming in and out for work or to just get in a short vacation,” says Bennett, 28. “There was this A-list actress who needed a hairdryer brought to her room. I about lost it when she opened the door.”