“Closing the Ring”

A love story spanning more than five decades, “Closing the Ring” may appeal to fans of “The Notebook.” Academy Award-winning director Richard Attenborough utilizes shifting time frames to tell the story of Ethel Ann and WWII fighter pilot Teddy. The two fall madly in love and secretly marry in a sweet ceremony that is destined for tragedy.

Nudity in the media

Mark Ruffalo appears nude in “In the Cut.” Sean Penn bares all in “21 Grams.” And Ewan McGregor — Obi-Wan Kenobi himself — shows off his lightsaber in “Young Adam.” “It’s about time that men are stripping down,” Neve Campbell says in the current issue of In Style. “If we have to take it off, they should too.” Hallejuah, sister.

A sober ‘Party of Five’: Fox series examines alcoholism

There is a moment in tonight’s episode of “Party of Five” when Bailey Salinger (Scott Wolf) stares vacantly at his brother and sisters as they confront him about a drinking problem he doesn’t believe he has. Sallow and dazed, he looks like a hollow shell of the ruddy teen who took it upon himself to keep the orphaned family together three seasons ago.

Going to the Chapel: “Party of Five” Wedding Not Just a Gimmick

Tonight’s wedding episode of “Party of Five” is a must-see for fans of this struggling Fox series. While TV nuptials generally are ploys to boost sagging ratings, this episode stands out for the way it handles the complex relationship between Charlie Salinger (Matthew Fox) and Kirsten Bennett (Paula Devicq).