“Miss Granny” (수상한 그녀)

A huge hit in South Korea, where it was filmed, “Miss Granny” doesn’t have a unique plot. But, the director deftly takes an old premise (an elderly woman finds herself magically transformed into a 20 year old), adds some new twists, adds in some social commentary and creates a charming comedy full of music and scenes that will tug at your heart.

‘Fantasticks’ is more than romantic farce

The Fantasticks” is a charming musical set during a time when walls were able to keep young lovers apart and parental matchmaking was an accepted form of courtship. Tom Jones (no, not that one) and Harvey Schmidt wrote “The Fantasticks” for a summer theater production at Barnard College. It opened Off-Broadway in 1960. The longest-running musical in the world, it closed in New York in January after 17,162 performances over the past 42 years.

Music, Dancing Best Bets in ‘Song of Singapore’

If you like actors mingling in the audience and cajoling you to dance with them, then “Song of Singapore” is just the play for you. But if you prefer that actors remain on stage and don’t touch the ticket holders, you’ll want to skip the latest interactive play to hit Chicago. “Song of Singapore” – which opened Monday night at the Pipers Alley Entertainment Complex – isn’t nearly as obnoxious as the preternaturally successful “Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding,” which still is running at Pipers Alley in a theater next door.