Go Away With … Bob Bowman

Bob Bowman is the coach of the most famous swimmer in the world: Michael Phelps. While he won’t confirm if Phelps will compete in the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, he says the two enjoy competition of another kind: horseracing. “Michael and I own some horses (Water Cube, By a Hundredth),” says Bowman, who is based out of Baltimore. “These horses are amazing athletes in their own right.”

Healthy competition

My little guy will compete in his first swim meet tomorrow evening in three events: breast stroke, free style and free style relay. His coach says he’s actually quite good at the butterfly, which is odd since he hasn’t learned it yet. He’s not nervous. But me? I’m a mess!

A swimmer’s divide

For too long, Asians have had a reputation as being meek, smart, well disciplined and bad at sports. Look at Jeremy Lin. Despite playing at an elite level and leading his high school and college teams to championships, he was overlooked by the NBA. Maybe the instructors saw Kyle and his blue-eyed, blonde-haired friend and assumed that my son would be the weaker swimmer. I’m sure they never heard of Olympic gold medalist swimmer Park Tae-hwan, who is the Michael Phelps of Korea.

Michael Phelps: Olympians’ swimwear works in water and with the ladies

Michael Phelps may not have matched Mark Spitz’s record seven gold medals, but the Olympic swimmer has him beat hands-down when it comes to style. The 19-year-old — who won six gold and two bronze medals at last month’s Olympic games in Athens — set tongues wagging when he competed in Speedos that rode down so low on his hips they made Britney Spears’ outfits seem demure by comparison.