Go Away With … Ruby Modine

Ruby Modine grew up watching her parents, actors Matthew Modine and Caridad Rivera, work in Hollywood. Modine, 27, is one of the stars of the Showtime series, “Shameless,” as well as the film, “Happy Death Day.” Based on West Coast, she says her favorite day trips are “close to Los Angeles for now, because of work. Weekend getaways consist of driving to the desert, lying on the hoods of cars and looking up at the stars. Then we go to diners for pancakes and coffee.”

“Private School”

Take “Animal House,” throw in a dose of television’s :Bosom Buddies” and you get the Phoebe Cates/Matthew Modine sex farce “Private School.” The 1983 film was shot one year after Cates won fame in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (thanks primarily to her little red bikini), and two years before Modine won rave reviews for his work in “Vision Quest.”

`Fluke’ Won’t Win Best of Show, But It’s Fun to Watch

“Fluke” gives new meaning to the phrase “men are dogs.” In this new adventure film, Fluke is the canine reincarnation of a man who died in a freak auto accident. Thomas Johnson (Matthew Modine) and Jeff Newman (Eric Stoltz) are best friends and business partners. After a fight, Johnson gets into a fatal car crash.

Pooch Progress: TV’s Comet Finally Hits Big Screen

So Robert De Niro and Marisa Tomei gained weight for their movie roles. Big deal. Comet – no last name, please – easily can one-up them. The 9-year-old had his luxurious blond mane snipped and dyed murky brown, perfected a limp and convinced the casting director that he could play a 1-year-old in the new comedy “Fluke.” Oh, did we mention that Comet is a dog?